10 Tip untuk aplikasi ASP.NET

Bagi para developer ASP.NET, ada tip menarik yang dapat dijadikan referensi pada proses deploy aplikasi ke server production.

Berikut cuplikannya :

1.  Generate new encryption keys

When moving an application to production for the first time it is a good idea to generate new encryption keys.  This includes the machine validation key and decryption key as well as any other custom keys your application may be using.  There is an article on CodeProject that talks about generating machineKeys specifically that should be helpful with this.

2.  Encrypt sensitive sections of your web.config

This includes both the connection string and machine key sections.  See Scott Guthrie’s post for some good references.  Note that if your application runs in a clustered environment you will need to share a custom key using the RSA provider as described in an MSDN article.

3.  Use trusted SQL connections

Both Barry Dorrans and Alex Chang have articles which discuss this in detail.


Untuk lebih lengkapnya, cek disini

Semoga berguna 😀


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One Response to 10 Tip untuk aplikasi ASP.NET

  1. riesal says:

    kok cuman 3 bang? katanya 10 tips, ditunggu 7 sisanya.

    salam kenal.

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